leafy green thing

so, i've recently become acquainted with a leafy green thing you might know as kale. having once picked up a similar-looking leafy green thing and been consequently chided that what i was holding was not kale but, in fact, ________ (i don't know, swiss chard or something?), i've since learned to recognize this beast by its dark green leaves that even manage to look super healthy. it's pretty tasty too, and i think you should all give kale chips a try!

so now i have a bundle of kale in my fridge, and tonight, i will attempt to cook it. i'm thinking of throwing together some sort of soup with tomatoes and potatoes and perhaps some kind of chickpea situation, and i kinda wish i had some lentils because that sounds like it would be a nice, hearty touch on a reasonably chilly la night. i've also got some boxed wine (don't hate), so this is looking like it should be a pretty successful evening after a day of being awesome.

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