OOPS... i did it again...

dear friends/readers/momma and poppa b/stalkers/my many, many fans:

in the words of the incredible, talented and totally awesome b-spears: "oops... i did it again... i played with your heart, got lost in the game." and yes, oh baby, baby... i've seemingly fallen off the face of the wonderful world of blogging. for this, i accept my punishment of twenty lashes with a wet noodle (what can i say? i like it rough...). but dudes, allow me to explain why i've been so MIA. i'm too popular.

yes, my sparkling personality, devastatingly good looks, and gentle disposition have combined to make me too popular for my own good. now, this over-popularity wasn't always a problem of mine; in fact, in elementary school and high school, i was averagely popular at best (i'll admit i was even verging on unpopular.... ew). however, by the time i reached the middle of my junior year of college, i had metamorphosed into the glorious, popular butterfly that i am today. i even once told JPT that i was confident that if our sorority were to hold a popularity contest, i would surely win (um, seriously, i would've. everyone loved me, and i was a total hit at all of the parties).

these days, my popularity has overtaken my life. i am constantly in demand and inundated with endless phone calls and text messages that say things like, "let's hang out tonight, rachel morgan," or, "i NEED to see you, rachel morgan," or, "please meet me for dinner, you amazing, smart, witty and gorgeous friend of mine!" amidst all of these demands, i've found myself facing a constantly booked schedule. this week alone, i've had plans with the roomie, 2 dinner obligations, met for drinks, and tonight i'm even rubbing elbows with everyone's favorite lezzies, lilo and samro. i afforded myself one solitary evening, which was spent finishing my 4th re-read of HAPTDH (thats harry potter to you who refuse to give in and just love the shit out of the greatest books ever) and weeping while my darling harry boldly marched towards death.

anywaaaay, my popularity has really made it tough to find time to blog, so please, friends, accept my apology: i'm sorry i'm so popular.

actually, i'm not sorry at all. EFF that. you're all just jealous, bitches. while you all sit at home, constantly refreshing sparkleize.blogspot.com, eagerly awaiting an update, i'm out with my cool friends doing really, really cool things like drag racing and making out in the locker room at the hop. ok, well not really, but if this was 1955, i'd be doing it because I'M SO DAMN POPULAR, and that's what all the cool kids did.

having said all that, i really, really, really will make an effort to not let all of this glorious popularity keep me from blogging. i suppose that the next time i reject my many, many, many friends' endless requests to see me, i can devote a bit of time to you, anonymous reader, and return to my blogging. i actually really like it.

anywaaaay, that's all the blogging i have time for now; i'm throwing a party tomorrow and need to resume my menu planning. sigh.... it ain't easy being this popular.

ps: how amazing is b-spear's comeback!!! we love you brit brit!

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