it's no secret that i like to blog about my life, celebrities, and random inane thoughts that pop into my head, but every now and then, i gots to get real and acknowledge the world (that revolves) around me. having said that, let's bring the GRAND TOTAL of my political commentary blogs to two!! what has spurred my most recent dip into the pool of politics, you might ask? take a look at THIS VIDEO to find out (i don't know how to add video to my blog. someone help me?)....
right, mccain. i GET what you're saying. and to a certain degree, i even agree with you. obama has become a media sensation. he definitely garners a different level of attention than you do (um, do i really want to read about his date nights with michelle in people magazine's cover story? no, thanks!!! i do, however, want to read all about hottie ben affleck's baby #2 and britney's new diet (girl looks bangin'!)). i totally see where you're going with these comparisons to brit-brit and paris in the sense that obama has become somewhat of a celebitician (celebrity+politician = celebitician. seriously, can someone trademark that for me, cuz i'm pretty sure it's genius. GO ME!). HOWEVER, mccain, don't you think it's a bit of a low blow to visually compare a well-heeled harvard law grad to two women who've shown the entire world their vaginas??? i mean, you don't have to like the guy, but you have to admit that he's a far cry from the car-crashing, drunken-flashing, dirty-dancing, gum-popping, borderline-retarded actions of p-hilt and b-spears, right?!?!

furthermore, mccain, i've gotta admit it - the dude's got charisma. there's a reason he's become an international celebitician (trademark pending. use my fancy made-up term and i'll cut your balls/tits off with a rusty machete. xox!)!! and, frankly, i have to say that i don't see how that can be a bad thing. it's refreshing to see people being inspired by a politician, rather than rolling their eyes at yet-another-story of greed, cash, corruption, and sex scandals. it's incredible that obama can draw crowds of THOUSANDS of supporters - on an entirely different continent!! and, yes, it's uplifting to see my peers taking an active interest in politics, slapping obama stickers on their hybrids, and excitedly discussing the upcoming election.

no, i don't think obama's perfect (if you remember correctly, i was/am a big fan of HILLARY's). no, i'm not certain he has the experience it takes to repair our struggling economy, dig us out of a ridiculous budget defecit, smartly and safely get us out of an unnecessary and unpopular war, AND keep our nation safe from W's famed "evildoers." and, hell, i'm certainly not sold on this "wing and a prayer" mentality his "hope" campaign seems to convey. but let's face it: the overwhelming response of suddenly-interested young voters across the country IS infectious. it IS inspiring to see that after 8 years of an openly-mocked, constantly-criticized administration (and president! i do feel bad for poor dubya sometimes. it must be tough to have a biopic being made about what a bad world leader/drunk driver/cokehead party boy you are while you're still in office!), people are looking forward to a CHANGE, and come out in droves to support the man they think can bring it.

so, johnnie boy, i think this latest video of yours is just another example of sour grapes. don't be pissed that people love obama because he promises to deviate from the "tried and true" GOP path of the bush administration. don't be jealous that people love him and his message of hope. and most importantly, don't hate on the dude because he draws a bigger crowd - sure, he's a celebitician, but in our celebrity-obsessed world (of which i'm living proof), maybe that's what the american people need.

and as for you, barack, i'm ready for this "change" you promise, so you better bring it. i'm ready to have hope again, and i'm ready to make our nation and world a better place. i truly hope you turn out to be the man everyone around me seems to think you can be. i do hope you turn out to be more than just a celebitician - but my faith in you has yet to be proven. just don't F it up, and try to keep the chotti shots to a minimum. i can handle seeing paris' who-ha and britney's va-jay-jay, but i think i can live without checking out your frank and beans.

until november, i'm livin' on a prayer!!

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