have a nice life

recently, a friend of mine (in what was obviously a moment of insanity, because i'm perfect), got upset with me and told me, "have a nice life." this threw me for a loop because i'm pretty sure she wasn't telling me to have anything "nice" at all. in fact, i got the distinct feeling that what she meant was "fuck you." this got me started thinking: why don't we just say what we mean?

why do we, when asked how we're doing, automatically respond with "fine" or "good?" i know that half the time, neither of those words describe how i feel, and that a more appropriate response would be something like "hungry," "annoyed that i have to be here talking to you," or "terrified that the spider i saw in my room earlier crawled into my shoe when i wasn't looking and is now biting my toe, infecting me with poisonous venom." why are we so hesitant to tell people what's really on our mind?

i think we should all make an effort to be more open and honest with those around us. perhaps we ought to take a cue from my homeless friend (http://sparkleize.blogspot.com/2008/04/sparkleize-your-life.html), who proudly showed me how much he hated me. imagine that this could be you: you're tired, you're hungry, you've been stuck in traffic for hours, and when you walk into a restaurant, your waitress is a 12 year old girl with acne, brightly-colored braces, and the most obnoxious voice you could've imagined. when she squeaks, "hi, how are you?" wouldn't it be nice to respond, "i'll be a lot better once you get me a drink and some fried food to distract me from that whitehead on your forehead and that nails-on-chalkboard thing you call a voice. now get out of my face before i punch you in the ovaries and make you infertile so you cannot possibly produce spawn that would doubtlessly be as annoying as you are."

doesn't that sound like a great world to live in? have a nice life!

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