it's 2am... do you know where your daugher is?

as i lay in bed in my usual state of insomnia, tossing and turning while pretending to sleep, my "slumber" was interrupted by the rudest of alarm clocks: some whorish neighbor of mine serenading me with the sounds of her wild monkey sex. it's 2am... do you know where your daughter is? if she's the one getting railed, please tell her that i could do without all the heavy breathing, "oohs" and "oh! yesses."

dear god, they're back at it again.

now she's clearly faking it. honey, if i can tell from across the courtyard, that's not good.

note to self: courtyard amplifies every sound to an echo in the middle of the night.

thank the lord; the turboslut's seemingly insatiable appetite has been quelled. well done, manskank neighbor/possible random dude doing my neighbor. now that i think about it, the he-whore could be my neighbor, and the vocal vixen could be a random?

OMG AGAIN? seriously people. can you both please just be done with it already?

it's 2:47am in sherman oaks. somebody's daughter just got laid.

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