a play in one act: stranger danger

the scene: SR and rachel morgan's housewarming party. guests are mingling, drinking, talking and eating. everyone is having a great time. suddenly, the door opens. a strange man walks in carrying two heavy bags of ice. momma b follows and shuts the door. rachel morgan recognizes the man instantly. the party goes silent. cue crickets.

RACHEL MORGAN (nervous): hiiiiiiiiiii.... thank you so much.......

WEIRD-BLEACH-BLONDE-FOREIGNER: you're welcome! having a party?

RACHEL MORAGN (uncertain. does she invite him to stay?): yep........ well, thanks again!

weird-bleach-blonde-foreigner leaves. the party is silent for a moment after he shuts the door. momma b and rachel morgan erupt into giggles.

RACHEL MORAGN: ok, who reads my blog? that's the weird-bleach-blonde-foreigner!

PARTYGOERS, WHO ALL READ RACHEL MORGAN'S BLOG BEACUSE IT'S THE BEST: omg! i knew it! he does have really weird and ridiculous bleached hair!


special thanks to: momma b, for being easily recognizable as shoshanna's mother, and for inviting the foreigner in. xo!

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