click me, baby

so, as some of you may have noticed, i put a google adspace on my blog, thinking that my thousands of daily readers might click on it and help rachel morgan make a little moolah (click on my ads, bitchezz). momma and poppa b admitted that they click on my ad "all the time" (seriously, can't you see my parents sitting at home clicking over and over, trying to help their darling princess make lik 8 cents? hilariously cute, aren't they?!), but i don't think anyone else does, mainly because the ads aren't particularly enticing.

i don't know too much about the details as to how this ad thingy works, but i know that the ads that appear are selected based on picking up the keywords in my blog. there have been ads about paris hilton, lindsay lohan, fortune cookies... all things that have been mentioned in my blog!

today, i think i hit a new low. i juuuust finished posting my last blog, when i noticed that a new ad had appeared: "how to confront an alcoholic." HAHAHAHAHA. i laughed for like 3 minutes, until i realized that google was confronting me as an alcoholic. apparently, my blog makes some mention of alcohol. like once or twice. and apparently, google has a problem with that. well, google, FU. i don't neeeeeed you and your snooty advice. suck it.

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