i'm coming out...

i am a firm believer that one of the most important things in life is one's ability to laugh at him or herself. that said, i laugh at myself all the time. when i catch a glimpse of myself prancing around my bedroom in my underwear, dancing and singing like a fool, i laugh at myself. when i trip, i laugh at myself. when i mess up, i laugh and say "oopsie daisy!" (i'm not kidding. i say things like oopsie daisy, okey dokey, and sorry charlie all the time. thats how big of a dork i am). now, it's time for us all to share a good laugh at my expense, because i'm coming out as a former backstreet boy addict. yes, when i was 17 years-old, i was obsessed. and i mean ob-freaking-sessed. my love for the band was so strong that i even assigned each of my friends their personal backstreet boy, whose nickname they would assume, and about whom they had to know everything (like favorite foods, colors... you know, the important stuff).

i held a particularly special place in my heart for one backstreeter, the one and only nick carter (LIKE OMFG!!!! HE'S FIIIINE). obviously, he was my personal bsb-boyfriend, so i gave myself his nickname and took it upon myself to spend hours reading about him online and in ridiculous magazines like teen beat. one day, i decided that i would write a "101 reasons to love nick carter" list, and submit it to my favorite website, backstreet.net! and, omg! they totally posted my article!!! years later, my list is still floating around the internet. google "101 reasons to love nick carter" and mine will be the first thing that pops up (i'm thinking of putting that proud fact on my resume, actually). but to save you the effort and embarrassment of having "101 and reasons to love nick carter" pop up in your google history, you'll find the list, in it's entirety, below. enjoy! and don't laugh too hard.

1 His eyes
2 His smile
3 His lips (yuuuuuummmmmm...)
4 His hair (I like it better short)
5 His laugh
6 His butt (oh yeah)
7 The little gap in his teeth
8 Because he and Brian are Frick and Frack
9 Because he loves to play video games (me too - Coincidence? I think not)
10 Because he scrunches up his face when he sings (sooo cute!)
11 Because he loves his family so much
12 Because he is really close with Aaron and loves to play with him
13 His voice
14 The way he sings "I need you tonight"/"heaven in your eyes"
15 The note he hits when he sings "pain" (I know that we have been through so much PAIN) in I need you tonight (soooo sexy!)
16 Because he is constantly licking his lips in the "night out" video (again, too cute!)
17 The way he pretends to be putting chapstick on the camera in the "night out" video
18 Because Brian is his best friend
19 Because he "resigns" in Florida
20 Because he's always trying to pull practical jokes
21 The way he likes to fall on the floor at concerts
22 Because he almost drops the hat in the "Homecoming video" "All I have to give" hat dance, but recovers
23 Because when he gets lost on the dances he just stops for a second and stands there looking confused
24 Because when he forgets when Brian's birthday is and Brian gets pissed, he says, "I am so bad at numbers. I don't even know my parent's birthdays."
25 Because when he then remembers Kevin's birthday, Brian gets even more pissed
26 The way he sings "to you" in "All I have to give"
27 Because he's a "Bad Boy"
28 Because he's really messy
29 Because he can be grumpy in the morning (awwww... does someone need a good morning hug?)
30 Because he gets really homesick when on tour
31 Because he went to surpass Aaron when they hadn't seen each other for a long time - they both cried!!!! How cute?!!!!
32 Because he's not afraid to cry
33 Because he'd "love to take a girl for a barefoot walk on the beach."
34 Because he loves comic books
35 Because he rocks at the drums!
36 Because he says "My family comes first before anything. They are everything to me."
37 Because he gets zits too
38 The way he looks soooo cute while he does the "as long as you love me" chair dance
39 Because he leads an army of robot dancers in the "larger than life" video
40 Because he can admit that he's not perfect
41 Because he likes Metallica (that's for you, Cam)
42 Because he loves the Simpsons
43 Because one time when Howie was snoring he stuck a Kit Kat bar in his mouth
44 Because he always wins at Nintendo
45 Because he says "the day I find the girl of my dreams I would spoil her rotten." (I'm right here!)
46 Because "love is not something you have, it's something you do."
47 Because he admits that he has to dye his hair
48 Because Aaron says that he picks his nose (wait... is that a GOOD thing?)
49 Because sleep is so important to him
50 Because he is the CUTEST sleeper!!!!!!
51 The way he's the only one sleeping in the trailer during the "as long as you love me" shoot on the all Access video
52 Because he has the biggest feet (hmmm you know what they say...)
53 Because he wants to "be crazy forever."
54 Because he says he would never leave the house without his shoes
55 Because he would be the "monkey's trainer" (what?)
56 Because "sometimes good looks come in handy." (sigh... Nick)
57 Because he's playing with bubbles in the "I'll never break your heart" video
58 Because he went skinny dipping
59 Because "rainy days and cloudy days make me sad but you make me happy" (aawwww....)
60 Because he can be shy around girls
61 Because "I'd feel most relaxed crying in front of my mom or the guys" (what a softie!)
62 The way he sings "what a lie" and "you and I" with AJ in "10,000 promises"
63 Because he says "Every day, I get a lot of hugs from fans and the guys, but I don't get a proper hug every day - I wish I did!" (that's what I'm here for...)
64 Because he posed for rolling stone in his skivvies - how risqué! (I know, I know, so did the other boys...)
65 Because he says "I always mess up. I'm sorry!"
66 Because he thinks about what he ate before a show.
67 Because "a day without sun is like... night!"
68 Because he sings with so much emotion
69 Because he has that sexy tattoo around his arm (that design thing)
70 Because he looks so cute when he wears glasses
71 Because he doesn't think he's a good kisser (maybe he needs lessons...)
71 Because his nickname is Mr. Hyperman
73 Because he's just so darn cute!!!!!!!!
74 Because he plays the drums in concert
75 Because he wouldn't pose for playgirl (damn)
76 The way he smiles in the "All I have to give video"
77 The way he looks kinda possessed when he says "Orlando..." in the Homecoming video
78 Because he says, "sometimes if I don't think about the room being dark, and Martians in the closet, I can go to sleep real easy. But I'll never hang my feet off the bed - I'm afraid little green men will bite my toes -really!" (me too!!)
79 Because loneliness has always been a friend of his
80 Because we are larger than life
81 The way he looks in a hat
82 Because he looks sooo cute in a bandana
83 Because he's sexual (um, yeah)
84 Because when he dances, he always looks at the floor and concentrates
85 Because he enunciates when he sings
86 Because when he sings, he exaggerates his lip and mouth movement, and you can always see his tongue - you can see his tongue forming the words (make sense? Just watch him sing - especially in the night out video)
87 Because he kicks ass at basketball
88 Because he looks so cute when he's all wet and singing in the "quit playing games" video
89 Because it took him a while to grow into his nose
90 Because he is not perfect
91 Because he doesn't have his ears pierced
92 His shoulders
93 The way he pretends to be driving when he sings "I don't have a fancy car" in "all I have to give" Because he falls when he goes bowling with the guys on the Disney concert special
94 Because he never got to go to high school (poor Nicky)
95 Because he doesn't like to be called Nicky
96 Because he always gets so sweaty while on stage
97 Because he looks great in anything he wears
98 Because his nickname is Kaos
99 Because he is just sooo hot
100 Because (in my opinion) he is waaaayyyyy cuter than Justin Timberlake

i'm missing one somewhere. umm i'll say it now:

101 because 9 years later, i'd still make out with him just to make the 17 year-old me a happy happy woman.

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